Christopher Columbus Update

Christopher Columbus Update

On Wednesday August 12th the Italian community stood up for the Christopher Columbus statue. The conversation also got a little out of hand when people were saying if we don’t want the statue we should go back to where we came from. On that note, we need to take direct action. There will most likely be a week of action leading up to the vote on the statue to make sure everyone is informed on who Christopher Columbus was and why it needs to be taken down. Read these articles on the true story behind Columbus so you know the truth for yourself.

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Christopher Columbus: The Untold Story

Why Columbus Day Courts Controversy – HISTORY

Why Columbus Day Courts EditorsChristopher Columbus undoubtably changed the world. But was it for the better?

Christopher Columbus: The Untold StoryTest your Native IQ with a unique 10-item quiz on Native American topics — the answers may surprise you!

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