• Week of 02-23-2020

          • Bible Study:A Personal Spiritual Journey” Read- Psalms 55:12-14; 2-Tim. 3;2; 24-26; Rev. 3:14-20. Where does the greatest offense and pain come from?
          • Sight and Sound- All final payments are due. See Bro. Stevenson for the balance due.
          • Peace Devotion Line Ministry- Is available each morning at 7am, Monday through Friday. Call in, put in the code, then mute your phone. Enjoy this opportunity to start your day in devotion and fellowship with the saints of God! (425) 436-6304 Code: 787044#
          • Outreach Ministry- Is a vital part of our Christian life. Jesus told us to go spread the word and preach deliverance to the captives. First, second and third Saturday’s at 10am.
          • One Thing- Choose one civic area to help someone and demonstrate the love of God! Luke 10:25-37
          • Sunday School Cafe- Breakfast is served. Join us for the word and a bite to eat 9:45am every Sunday morning. Children will have their own separate class.
          • Ushers Ministry- Will meet today, February 23rd after Worship in the library.
          • PMM Ministers Meeting- Monday, February 24th at 5pm, in the library.
          • Watchmen on the Wall- Will meet Monday, February 24th at 6pm. All men are encouraged to join us in fellowship!
          • BMA- Will meet Tuesday, February 25th at 6pm.
          • Faith based Trauma Training- February 29th at 90 Main St. 10am-4pm.
          • Missionary Mass Worship- March 12th at Spottswood AME Zion. Pastor Barger will bring the word.


          Nutmeg TV airs our Worship experience Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm.

          Remember to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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